Our main objective is to organize and promote the quality of life of our members through mobilization of savings and providing affordable loans.


Our membership focuses on Public Service Vehicle Owners.


Members are required to pay a monthly contribution in addition to their share capital

loan products

Members enjoy loan products ranging from a normal, top up, and emergency loan, and an insurance product.

Loan Products

We have customized our loan products to make sure all borrowers are catered for in all periods.

Normal Loan

This is an all purpose loan advanced to our members to cater for their expansion ,development, or investment needs such as buying a car or even building a house.

Top up Loan

Our members projects don't need to stall because of insufficient funds, we provide customized top up loans to help provide extra financing after taking up a normal loan.

Emergency loan

life is full of unforeseen events, we understand this clearly and we make sure that our members are able to meet their urgent financial needs such as school fees or a medical bill.

Our Vision

To be a leading Multi-purpose Co-operative Society in Kenya

Our Mission

To empower our members through mobilization of savings, lending at affordable rates and create wealth through investments hence improving members' and stakeholders' standard of living and welfare.