Walokana society was established in 1998 as a multi-purpose cooperative society limited. Initially, it was started by matatu owners plying along Wangige Lower Kabete Nairobi route 118/119 acronym WALOKANA. The society was formed with the objective of organizing and promoting the quality of life of its members through the mobilization of savings and providing affordable loans. The society derives its mandates from the co-operative society Act of 2008 and its By-laws.

The membership has grown from 36 members in the year 1998 to 175 in the year 2020 whereas the deposits have grown from Ksh 17million in the year 1998 to Ksh 184 million in the year ended 31 December 2020.

our objectives

Financial Pillar

  • Improve society liquidity by 20%
  • Reduce cost of operations by 5%
  • Improve and diversify revenue streams

Product Pillar

  • Develop Customer Responsive Proucts

Operations Pillar

  • To improve the efficiency and reliability of our ICT systems.

  • To enhance efficiencies in all processes of the society.

  • Enhance the society’s risk management framework

Human Resource

  • To recruit, develop and retain qualified and competent members of staff.

  • Enhance staff efficiency and turnaround times.

  • To motivate members of staff.

Customer Pillar

  • To enhance the customer experience throughout the society contact points.

Governance & Leadership

  • Conduct Society’s business in an ethical and professional manner.

  • To ensure continuous board capacity building.

  • Ensure full compliance with statutes, Society’s Bylaws, and policies